Six Exhibitors

China Pavilion

Ethnic Tourism Destination-Guiyang

Guiyang, a city with a century-old history, is famous for its rich ethnic culture and beautiful scenery. The cultures of all ethnic groups have a long history, profound heritage, and distinctive characteristics.


China Pavilion will show the colourful ethnic customs and picturesque scenery of China's ethnic tourism destinations with Guiyang as a representative.


Taste of China

-Master Wei

Chinese food culture has been extensive and profound for thousands of years. Its cultural characteristics are diverse flavors, exquisite beauty, and attention to taste. The culinary arts are well-selected, with different techniques, harmony of flavors, and elegant atmosphere.

Hainan  Airline

Hainan Airlines is an experienced, vibrant airline, combing the beauty of the historical China, with the passion of modern life, which is delivering the highest standards of service quality and excellent safety record.


In China Pavilion, Hainan Airline will continuously provide each customer with an exclusive and unique travel experience, to make the journey enjoyable and memorable.


*Star VISA

China’s rapid opening up in recent years, amid the ongoing globalisation process, has led to a remarkable increase in its people-to-people exchanges with other countries, creating a great demand for Chinese visas.


China visa keen on providing reliable and fast services for both tourist and business visas. under the invitation of China Pavilion, China Visa will take you to every corner, discover the beauty of China.

Chinese Art of Living

Chinese Art of Living will showcase the deep cultural connotation that combines Chinese new aesthetics and creative design made in China. Nowadays, Chinese modern art has become irresistibly popular around us with its unique artistic charm, decoration and practical performance.


Hanfu Display 

Traditional costume culture is an important part of China's outstanding traditional national culture. Hanfu is typical Chinese traditional costumes and the embodiment of China's "state of etiquette" and "splendid China".


Nowadays, traditional costume culture shines on the stage of world costume culture with cultural diversity. China Pavilion and Eternity Culture will showcase the innovation and expression of Chinese traditional clothing culture.

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China Pavilion

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