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China Pavilion


“China’s World Heritage, Cultural and Creative Travel”, China Pavilion will present new achievements of Chinese world heritage and cultural tourism industry to European consumer groups, and provide new opportunities for the tourism and cultural exchanges between China and the UK. At China Pavilion, you can perfect explore China through our below 7 stands. 

China Pavilion Layouts

Traditional Clothing

China Pavilion and Eternity Culture will showcase the innovation and expression of Chinese traditional clothing culture.

Taste of China

The tasting activity will be held on January 31 at 11:40 am in the food display area.

Hainan Airline

HNA's airlines operate around 2000 routes, reaching over 200 cities across the globe, transporting over 120 million passengers yearly. 

Ethnic Destinations

Guiyang as a typical ethnic destination will show the colourful customs and picturesque scenery of China.

Art of Living

Explore the deep connection that combines Chinese New aesthetics and creative design.



In China Pavilion, Star Visa will take you to every corner, discover the beauty of China.


China Pavilion and Dynasty Travel will expertly prepare your journey into the enchanting world of ancient China, and assist in your exploration of this beautiful and dynamic faraway land.  

Discover China with Dynasty Travel

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China Pavilion

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